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Employment Law

EEOC tests digital charge system to handle discrimination complaints

The EEOC has launched a pilot program to digitally transmit documents to and from employers regarding discrimination charges filed against them. The program—called ACT Digital—is the first step in the EEOC’s move toward an online charge system that will streamline the submission of documents, notices and communications in the EEOC’s charge system.

Keep bias from creeping into hiring process

It’s hard to discriminate against applicants based on characteristics like age and race if you don’t know they belong to a particular protected class. That’s why it’s important to have a “blind” hiring process.
Compensation & Benefits

IRS revamps consent rules for FICA refunds

The IRS has issued a notice and a proposed revenue procedure that cover the steps you must take to obtain employees’ consent before you refund overwithheld FICA taxes to them. The notice allows employees to furnish consent electronically and also clarifies your “reasonable efforts” if you can’t secure their consent.
Employee Relations

Employees more engaged when the boss is a woman

Only one-third of U.S. workers have a female boss, but they are the nation’s most engaged employees. It could be some companies’ hidden advantage.

Spontaneous wage protest: Can we fire the agitator who stirred up his co-workers?

Q. We are a nonunion company with a call center employee who has been stirring things up. Recently, he and a large group of first-shift employees stayed in the parking lot instead of coming back from lunch on time. A few of them held up signs saying, “Fair Wages Now!” We’d like to fire the bad apple. Are we taking any big risks if we do?
HR Management

3 steps: What to do if you are sued personally

Sometimes, HR pros can be sued personally, putting their own assets at risk. It’s a serious problem that demands fast action.
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