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Fine-tune your personal presence--on social media and in real life

Some people just seem to have that “it” factor—the effortless charm and intelligence to seem at ease and intelligent in all situations. What is their secret?

More employers planning to add staff in 2015

More than one-third of employers expect to add full-time, permanent employees in 2015, the best outlook CareerBuilder’s annual job forecast has predicted since 2006.
Compensation & Benefits

IRS updates rules for electronic transit fare media

The first time the IRS allowed employees to pay for their qualified mass transit benefits (up to $130 a month for 2015) through smartcards, debit cards, etc., in 2006, most municipalities’ computer systems couldn’t handle the load. Now that those computer systems are up to speed, the IRS has reissued its 2006 ruling and brought it up to date.
Employment Law

Protect against data breach, cyber attack

In December, Sony Pictures became the latest high-profile business victim of data theft. In addition to the threats of violence related to the re­­­­lease of its feature film, “The Inter­­view,” the company faces several federal class action lawsuits by employees claiming that their private information had been impermissibly disclosed online. In the wake of this crisis, employers should consider the following issues
Employee Relations

10 common phrases that turn employees against you

Managers are human. You’re bound to make some unfortunate word choices now and then. But employees will give you a pass on those annoying expressions for only so long. Spew these 10 phrases at your peril.

You don't have to wait for prosecution: Go ahead and fire violent worker

Has an employee been arrested for threatening behavior involving a co-worker? You don’t have to wait for the criminal trial and conviction to discipline the employee. You don’t even have to reconsider if police drop the charges. What matters is that you have an honest belief the worker broke company conduct rules—even if you end up being wrong.
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