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Compensation & Benefits

Slip sliding away: How to handle weather-related absences

Absences occasioned by bad weather can clash with the Fair Labor Standards Act. Here are the five key rules you need to know to make this winter (or any season) run smoothly.
HR Management

Mandatory morning stretching reduces stress-related injuries

With hard hats on, Skanska Con­­struc­­tion Group crews all over the country start their day by stretching in 15-minute group exercise classes right on their job sites.
Employment Law

EEOC files its first case alleging transgender bias

For the first time in its history, the EEOC has filed suit against employers alleging discrimination against transgender employees.

Fraud alert: No shortcuts when hiring seasonal staff

With seasonal hiring expected to be at its highest level in years, fraud experts warn that companies that loosen their usual processes to ramp up staffing can wind up increasing their fraud risk.
Employee Relations

6 steps for getting employees on your side during cost cuts

Time and again, these cuts are poorly communicated to employees. Build a strategic process to do it well.

Sloppy firing leads to suit? Offer reinstatement

Here’s a tactic to limit the damage in a case of a firing gone wrong: Unconditionally offer to reinstate the employee. If she declines, you may not have to pay future lost wages after the offer date. The key is making sure there are absolutely no strings attached to the invitation to return to work.
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