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HR Management

Where moms spend their days

Stay-at-home mothers are increasingly rare, and highly educated, relatively well-off mothers who stay at home are the rarest of the rare.
Compensation & Benefits

August 2014: Employer's business tax calendar

This is your monthly guide to critical payroll due dates.
Employee Relations

Outrageous employee behavior? Don't fear quick-trigger discipline

When faced with misbehaving employees, HR people are always counseled to avoid quick firings and hold tight to the three D’s—document, deliberate and decide. But some workplace behavior is so outrageous that employers must take immediate action.
Employment Law

Flexible schedules bill runs into inflexible congressional calendar

Democrats in the House and Senate have introduced the Schedules that Work Act, which would give nonexempt employees the right to request flexible work schedules without fear of retaliation.

Can we limit our applicant pool to U.S. citizens?

Q. Is it legal to hire only U.S. citizens and, when advertising, say that people must be citizens to apply?

When terminating for insubordination, thwart lawsuit by lining up witnesses

Always document (in great detail) the incident that prompted a firing. Also, gather as many eye­­witness accounts as possible. More witnesses equal a better foundation for your case.
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