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Employment Law

At SHRM, HR pros react to DOL's proposed overtime pay rule

The Department of Labor announced its new proposed rule for white-collar overtime pay right as thousands of HR pros were meeting in Las Vegas at the Society for Human Resource Management’s 2015 Annual Conference. Needless to say, it instantly became agenda item No. 1. Here’s some of the reaction at SHRM to the DOL’s bombshell.
Compensation & Benefits

Swindled payroll clients see a sliver of chance to recoup

The IRS may have to return to a bankruptcy estate a bankrupt payroll service bureau’s tax deposits that were collected from clients but were used to satisfy its own tax liabilities. A federal trial court has ruled that the bankruptcy trustee may be able to void transfers of the clients’ money to the IRS.
HR Management

Technology bites back: The 10 worst productivity killers

Here they are, the digital doings that are slowing you down when they're not speeding you up—plus the analog activities that stifle progress too.

Discipline and discharge: 5 do's and don'ts

We live in an era when employees have more power than ever—which has made it more legally tricky to come down on them when you need to send a message.

Fresh grads but hard-to-fill jobs

The job market for the Class of 2015 is said to be  one of the hottest in years, yet filling some jobs remains tough. Here are some positions that employers recently rated as somewhat or very difficult to fill with new college graduates.
Employee Relations

How to manage your staff through a crisis

Staff morale is a key factor in how engaged and accountable employees feel in their roles. But how do you keep spirits high when business waters are clearly troubled?
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